Inspired by the earth.

Cha is founded by African-Dutch designer Alisha Staats in 2009. A strong passion for fashion, art, nature and design inspired her to create her own label that represents freedom, creativity and cultural pride. 

Every season, the collection is a reflection of Alisha's travels and multicultural personality. An eclectic mix characterized by comfort and the use of unique ethnic details - originating from all parts of the world. Since the beginning, Cha has become more than a brand: it's a lifestyle fot the independent, confident woman. The free spirit that searches for one-of-a-kind items that will last season upon season and that match her personal style.


All Cha products are handmade in Spain by passionate leather artisans. Local craftsmen who paint, brush and process each product individually, providing it with its unique look. A refined process that ensures our customers truly one-of-a-kind pieces. 


Solely the most beautiful, durable leather is used during our production process. This leather comes from animals who have lived their lives in freedom, but ultimately were destined for direct consumption. The lining of our boots is 100% Italian merino wool. The wool is obtained animal-friendly, by shaving the sheep pain-free and subsequently weaved onto the leather. Love for animals and quality!

Cha is sold in the better retail boutiques nationwide and is currently internationally expanding. 

Love, Cha