#NakedTruth1 Did you make changes during C19?


Hi there!

Hope you all are doing well & healthy🙏🏽 My first Blog! And why not openly sharing on how these past months have effected me & CHA. By the way, how cute are these pillows?😍 Made of left-over textiles from my birthcountry Burundi. My neighbour Greet stitched them for a few bucks & 2 of my selfbaked nutbreads. Good deal right?🤗👏🏽

16th of March was the start of our lockdown in the Netherlands. Instead of following the news & global fear I decided to have the sabbatical I wished for since 2018. I had no where to go or deadlines to catch. I definately experienced cold Turkey the first weeks, moving only in & around my home🏡🌿 And honestly.. I needed this obligated worldwide pause. I was completely overworked😪 The overload in free-time, sleep, clean selfmade food 🥑🥬🥕 good books, sport, solitude, nature & sun gave me peace, clarity and direction. It nurtured me. Healed me & my heart💗 Back to my essence. I promissed myself to retain this lifestyle. Filtered my life into what truly matters. Innerpeace, family, close friends, health, purpose & Love☯ The rest is all blablabla, isn't it? I am full with creativity & other ideas💭 En started up 2 new small companies aside CHA focussed on giving back. A new blog on finding your Hidden Talents & Wishes will follow. 

As for CHA we have cancelled summer 2020 and pre-order summer 2021. We will be back on the market coming winter with FW20. We definately missed enormous chances as factories were closed. New collections were not able to make while we started up new international showroom collaborations in februari 2020 in Germany, Benelux & Scandinavia. Sad yes. But in return I found myself, my qualities & discovered my hidden talents. So much more valuable than every succes.

I am wondering; How did you go true these past months? Which changes have you made for the better? Any new discoveries? I would love to read all your experiences. Your opinion matters. 

Corona meaning: the outher atmosphere of the sun🌞 See the bright side of life😉

Love Alisha 😘💛🌼



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priya July 22, 2020

Love that you started blogging!
Corona has learned me to be more conscious and look closer and appreciate my life and be more open to the opportunities that I’m receiving from the universe.

Roxanne Filion July 16, 2020

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