#NakedTruth2 Are we changing History?


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Fashion is also about culture. And there is so much going on in the world right now that I would like to connect with you on this topic. How do you experience these worldwide changes? I believe that by standing together for worldwide acceptance of ALL CULTURES we are changing history! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Under our 1mm color difference we are all the same. Just muscles, bones and organs. Indifference is painful for everyone. 

As a PROUD MIXED woman (Dutch father, Mid-African Mother) I have experienced feeling different. A few examples are: A non-colored person saying 'I expected a blond woman after our call & your voice..' Or one of my African family members stating: 'You are not black but white'. So..? We aren't family? 

ITS PAINFUL ON BOTH SIDES! And if you can relate to this I want to advise you to start sharing with your friends & family about it. Even my African family in Burundi has changed their mind about mixed skin color & have spreaded their thoughts with their friends. Open the chain true conversation and bring awareness. 

In my opinion a deeper believe of self-acceptance is enormously important. Being white, black or yellow, just be proud of your Unique background & Authenticity. We have such a diverse world with so many rich stories, colors & diversions. Profound acknowledgment of our natural beauty, hair & body consiously accepting ourself completely is so needed. Wanting full black women lips or more booty vs bleaching black skin or wearing long straight blond wigs is not the answer. We should ask ourselves; If I would live on this world alone, would I pull myself true this agony to be accepted? Is changing myself SELFLOVE? Do I feel I am worthy enough to show myself completely as I am? Naked & Truthful?Questions I ask myself daily which help me to make & create the life that I visualized since I was a child. Change in mindset starts with ourselves first. 

I hope this time we keep on standing together united as one forever. Our true nature. 1 species, all connected by the vibration of love💫

I am sincerely curious on how you deal with what is happening in the world? Did you make any changes? I really would love to know your story. Your story has value and needs to be shared. Share in comments or tag us in your post. We would love to know.  

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