#NakedTruth3 What's your Naked Truth?


Hi beautiful reader, 

Hope you are fine out there, happy with what you're doing and on your journey to find or do what you love 

You may have seen our slogan, Naked Truth, under our logo CHA. But what does it mean to us? And where did this slogan originate? Naked Truth stands for a life without masks. Daring to show what you stand for. Naked. Letting go of a false image & external expectations. We believe that as humans it is our job on earth to get to the core of who we are, find our mission and share it with the world to inspire others about their possibilities so they can do the same. Life is a journey. A personal adventure where the final destination is only for you. We call that purpose, finding your task. Naked Truth is our compass in every decision we make

That is exactly why I, founder of CHA, chose to be photographed Naked for CHA. A woman of everyday life, with a healthy body to relate to, victory and vulnerability in her eyes because she knows how hard it is to persevere. A woman who has made mistakes and loves to share them to mirror others, did wrong investments, suffered heartbreak, experienced fear of not possibly reaching the end of the tunnel and by courage fulfilled her dream. I felt that hiring a model for CHA could not portray my own lifestory. I chose to stand up to make myself & CHA's mission transparent with an honest story. Naked Truth.

Believing in yourself means overcoming your shadow. Going against the tide, saying goodbye to those who don't support your journey. And being extremely resourceful when it comes to solutions. Giving up doesn't hold up when you are in the middle of the storm. Are you happy with where you are? If not, why staying?

My advice when you don't know where to start; Start to believe in the value of your authenticity & autonomy. Your story Matters! Believe me, not everyone was waiting for a naked woman (haha) but you have to make a choice on who you want to focus on and what resonates with.. you! Not what the market expects from you. Listen to your heartwish. Your life has formed an unique path and it's precisely those painful twists & curves on your way that make your heartbeat unique. So what is really stopping you? I can tell you that money has not always been there and neither has time so that can't be your excuse. Do you trust yourself that you can do it? And if you found your dream, how did you start and what was your inspiration?

Please share for others to read! And I would love to read your story. Update coming soon as I will be teaching about catching your dreams. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Stay loving & Grounded 😘




Life is a beautiful yet challenging and sometimes unforgiving experience. However the reward for perseverance in one’s journey to your authentic purpose is golden. And God knows your brand adds value to my life! Your boots have given me the best days ever…and I am not exaggerating! Please keep on telling your story. And manifest it likewise. Thank you for sharing and we really need to connect soon. Much love!

Marieke Post July 17, 2020

Hi Alisha! Thank you for sharing your story and naked pictures with us;-) For me these passed months were like a rollercoaster. Shock, happy to work from home, unwinding, getting out of the rat race and feeling like everyday is the same. I lost track of time but remembered what matters in live. Health, love, friends, family and our planet. Can’t wait to see how your journey affects your collection. Love Oona

Oona July 16, 2020

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