Meet CHA customer Karina

It's time for another CHA ladies interview. This hard working lady in the online marketing business shares her vision with us. Karina; CHA feels like freedom! Are you reading this fun interview with us? 

1. What describes you in 3 words and what makes you happiest?
Caring, a thinker, a bit neurotic and chaotic

2. What is your passion and how do you keep your motivation high every day?
Everything around creating & learning: Painting, (sustainable) fashion, art, inventing & making beautiful dishes, but also gaining knowledge about this and I make time for that.

3. What was your last Naked Truth victory and can you tell us a bit more about your approach?
For a few years now I have been trying to work on a healthy balance between work and pleasure and since Corona this is now very important to me.
My approach for this is to be honest with myself, be realistic, plan and take nice walking breaks.

4. What do you prefer to spend your time on in your spare time?
● In nature
● Read beautiful books
● Good conversations in combination with long dining and drinks with my loved ones

5. How does CHA make you feel and what is your favorite article?
● Freedom
● Fringe tall black

6. What are your core values ​​in work, love, friendships & lifestyle?
● Work: Growth & development
● Friendship: Growth, trust and equality
● Life: Personal development, independence, love and resilience

7. What is your top 3 bucket list and which one would you do first?
● Long journeys with my love but also a journey alone.
● South Korea tour (rediscovering my roots)

8. What were the turning points in your life and have you decided to walk a different path?
● There have been some moments indeed but the most important thing is that I have learned from it on many fronts.

9. How do you prefer to style your CHAs? We are curious! 😊
I like to wear the fringe boot with a mini dress and a little too often with leggings and a baggy sweater!