Meet CHA customers Eveline & Jane

It is priceless to meet our customers and get to know them in their daily lifes. We were warmly welcomed in Rotterdam this time. Mother Eveline works in high-end fashion & daughter Jane teaches young kids self defense sport Krav Maga. Aren't they a powerteam together? It was so much fun! Read more about how both of them got open & real in this Naked Truth interview. 

1. What describes you in 3 words and what makes you happiest?
Eveline: Sweet, sociable, helpful. It makes me happiest to be outside, on the beach, walking in nature, having a picnic with my daughter or friends.
Jane: Adventurous, helpful and curious. In my spare time you make me happiest with fun activities and discovering new things.
2. What is your passion and how do you keep your motivation high every day?
Eveline: My passion are nature, animals and fashion. I share these passions with my daughter and provide many pleasant outings!
Jane: My passion is photography, I really love to do this. Nice to photograph animals in nature. Unfortunately, not every day for this.
3. What was your last Naked Truth win and can you tell us a bit more about your approach?
Eveline: I am not someone who works with goals, but I am always looking for new challenges in my work and then I go for that fully. Especially by working very hard and that everything should work out, I don't rest sooner! This mentality is also necessary in the fashion industry where I have been working for more than 25 years. In recent years I worked at Dante6 as a buyer and logistics manager.
Jane: My last Naked Truth experience was that I honestly told my manager that I don't like her way of bossing me around. And that I would really appreciate it if she communicated with me normally.
4. What do you prefer to spend your time on in your spare time?
Eveline: I really enjoy doing creative activities, such as photography, drawing and sometimes some projects behind the sewing machine. I end the day in bed with some pages to read. Unless there are evenings with concerts from alternative music streams, because that is also what I like to visit.
Jane: I prefer to spend my free time with my boyfriend and do fun things together.
5. How does CHA make you feel and what is your favorite article? 
Eveline: A somewhat free-spirited tough global woman who fits CHA. 
Jane: CHA gives me a warm, relaxed feeling and above all a feeling of freedom. 
6. What are your core values ​​in work, love, friendships & lifestyle?
Eveline: Always be there for each other in good times and bad.
Jane: Fairness and that people are righteous
7. What is your top 3 bucket list and which one would you do first?
Eveline: I have already made many beautiful trips, but would really like to travel with a camper for weekends but also inspiring long-distance trips. Furthermore, I am not one of the bucket lists, what I want to do I just do.
Jane: A bucket list is not really my thing. I prefer to do and experience everything. And especially see a lot of the world.
8. What were the turning points in your life and have you decided to walk a different path?
Eveline: There have been several difficult periods in my work and private life, but I have never really taken a completely different path. I have many interests that have always made my life so interesting that a completely different path was really not necessary. I have thought about it sometimes, but I actually see too many obstacles that prevent me from making that choice.
Jane: This year is my turning year because I have decided to take a gap year instead of starting a training. This gives me a lot of opportunities to develop myself in several areas.
9. What is your favorite CHA look? 
Eveline: My favorite article are the brown Classic High Boots, wonderfully warm and nice fit for the winter! Styled as I have worn during the shoot. 
Jane: I really like the Tibet Boots. With every outfit!