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Naked Truth

“She probably doesn’t even realize how the clothes she wears – she’s had them for years – dance around her like she seems to unknowingly dance on her CHAs. That’s just the way she walks, you see; alive, inspired, awake, fearless for the unknown.
Looking at the world in wonder and determination. But always keeping both feet on the ground.”

Animal Friendly

We only use 100% Pecora Merino wool from Toscany.
Our free grazing sheep were sheared painlessly and are still enjoying the outdoors as we speak!

CHA only uses leftover cow hides from cattle intended for the consumer industry.

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Meet CHA customer Roxanne

Meet CHA customer Roxanne

  We love meeting and getting to know our customers. Roxanne is a unique young woman who quit her fashion job to follow her dream; Her own B&B...

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Meet CHA customer Morea

Meet CHA customer Morea

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