about cha

Honest Boots that keep you grounded

CHA is a Dutch-origin label, founded by designer Alisha Staats in 2010. We are specialized in sustainable, animal-friendly footwear and accessories for curious women who want to explore the world comfortably & grounded with that fashionable touch CHA is known for. We’re a brand for the daring. The kind. The aware. The souls that travel – the world and within themselves. We feel that feet deserve to be caressed with comfort. Like the planet deserves to be treated well. Like our fashion-sense wants to be nurtured. We take care of all three.

Love Alisha, founder CHA

Naked Truth

Naked Truth - What's yours?

We believe in truthfulness. The naked truth. Uncovered and pure – a truth to stand by. To us, Naked Truth means the willingness to look at ourselves honestly, no matter how challenging that may be. Acknowledging all of us – our flaws as well as our beauty. Only from this place of vulnerability stems true victory, because here lies your power. A power we can always trust to be there. Trust we place in ourselves.

We peel off each layer – as individuals, as women, as a brand. Where we are right now, is the result of fearlessly embracing the unknown. Brave enough to walk that path daily, carried by our own strength, in love and trust. Naked. The reason why I am the face of CHA; A woman on her Journey just like any woman.

“Naked truth means my own truth, not someone else’s.”
– Alisha Staats, founder CHA

Truthful design

Truthful design

Our collection depicts how we got real with our own essence by stripping away the noise and uncovering what’s always been there: a collection of timeless designs that we’ve improved over the years. True daily necessities in a woman’s wardrobe that allow her to walk with pride. Each design is a mixture of sturdiness, comfort, even a hint of sensuality, and subtle ethnic details.

Animal Friendly & Consciously Handmade

Animal Friendly & Consciously Handmade

All of our products are made with authentic, high-end Italian cow leather that’s been tanned sustainably. We choose our leather consciously, knowing each animal has lived a happy life. Our cow hides are leftovers from cattle that were intended for consumption industry. Our CHA boots are lined with soft 100% pecora merino wool from Toscany. All our merino sheep were sheared painlessly and are still enjoying the outdoors as we speak! They have to be shaved otherwise they overheat in summer. Their high quality wool was cleaned with sustainable products after which it was woven in a unique way on textile. After this proces our interior is ready to be stitched onto leather. Your CHA’s maintain a very strong heel and nose throughout. That’s what makes them so remarkable!

We’re proud to call ourselves member of The Leather Working Group.
The LWG is an international, not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting
responsible, environmentally preferred practices within the leather industry.
By purchasing our products you are supporting responsible leather
manufacturing through the Leather Working Group.

“CHA - Honest Boots that keep you grounded” – Alisha Staats, founder CHA

Comfortable lasting fit

Comfortable lasting fit

Your comfort is our care. All of our designs are created in such way, to give you full support and comfort, all day long. The winter boots soles, made of polyurethane, allows for a soft tread, while supporting the foot in the best way possible. The heel and nose have been perfectly molded and strengthened to maintain its original form. This allows your foot to be hugged day in, day out, year after year.

“We prove that comfy can be bold and fashionable at the same time.”

Discover our journey

Our journey started in 2010 with our founder, Alisha Staats, who suffered that typical female ailment of cold feet. She yearned for warmth. And for shoes with a comfy fit. A shoe that would carry her greatly, all day long. “The classic low was my first model. It was and still is made of Italian leather and merino wool lining and to this day, this shoe remains at the heart of our collection. It never runs out of style.

“Having said that, our journey wasn’t always easy. At some point, a low point, even my team didn’t believe we could succeed anymore. As any entrepreneur, I had to learn to make different choices. Choices that would allow me to focus on what I truly desire. In all honesty, I went through deep valleys of fear and sometimes saw no way out. But I also knew this was my true path and I couldn’t give up.

Giving up wasn’t an option! I was 8 years old when I promised my older sister that I wanted to be a designer. She always inspired me to follow my dreams. Her passing has fueled me to keep that promise. CHA was bound to be born and I have committed myself to that promise ever since – even in my low moments. My dad’s power was my source of inspiration. He raised me to believe the following: always stay true to yourself, keep believing in you & dreams do come true.” Next to CHA, Alisha helps women to ground themselves & teaches teenagers to catch their dreams on an early stage of their life. Alisha says; 'In the end life isn't about ourselves. It's about what we are able to give back to others' .