Meet CHA customer Mariken

    We love to get to know our CHA ladies and were warmly welcomed by Yoga Teacher & mother of 3, Mariken. Living on an unique old fishermen's dike in Amsterdam Noord, we started our morning with her Alignment Yoga class. A must try in her wooden yoga studio under a magical old tree. Vulnerable & open, Mariken shares her story with us in & around her home. Be inspired! 

    1. What describes you in 3 words and what makes you happy? My husband says sincere, direct and warm. My daughter says strong, beautiful and intelligent! What a compliment when your husband and daughter see you like this! The love of my family around me makes me very happy. That's what makes me the happiest: that everyone does their own thing and then drops in to eat together or to be together.
    2. What is your passion and how do you keep your motivation high every day? My passion is my job. I love yoga, essential oils and healing. I read and study a lot. Once you have gone down that path, there is no turning back. It feels like a journey of discovery and every time you discover a deeper layer. I am motivated by my curiosity. I like to understand everything, I am a real geek in that!
    3. What was your last Naked Truth win and can you tell us a bit more about your approach? My victory is that I always try to be true to myself, regardless of what anyone thinks. There are, of course, many prejudices about spirituality. But I actually experience it very practically, very earthly.
    4. How do you prefer to spend your spare time? I like peace and stillness around me. I love to go out into nature! To take a nice walk on the beach or in the forest. I used to really enjoy groups of friends together, now I enjoy one-on-one conversations more. And I really enjoy deepening my relationships.
    5. How does CHA make you feel and what is your favorite article? I think Cha is cool and adventurous, but also feminine and warm and comfortable. I am not very fashionable but I really like good basics! 
    6. What are your core values ​​in work, love, friendships & lifestyle? That you stay true to myself! True to my That you really live your life and take your responsibility!
    7. What is your top 3 bucket list and which one would you do first? Traveling around with a camper in New Zealand, experiencing sacred places through Ireland and walking the Mahler route. If I have enough budget? To New Zealand!
    8. What were the turning points in your life? The moment I had children was one of them, I thought that was an amazing experience and it gave me a strong need for meaning. My oldest son had a lot of starting problems though. With him, I have traveled a very special, but intense road. The moment I met my husband during one of the most difficult times in my life, is another special moment. He is so direct and genuine, I have never felt so cherished and loved! He really sees me. Also the experience of breast cancer, which I discovered at a very early stage, taught me - just like on the path with my eldest son - to trust my feelings and to follow my intuition.
    9. What's your favorite CHA look? I love my nude open work shoes the most. I have worn them a lot for two summers and I feel very beautiful in it.