Meet CHA customer Annerieke


 Annerieke; 'I already have 4 pairs and the 5th is on it's way. I don't want anything else on my feet'. A true CHA lover from the first hour she tried them on. We were at Annerieke's home in beautiful Utrecht for the interview and shoot. Get inspired by her openess and strong personality. We really enjoyed spending the day with her. 
  1. What describes you in 3 words and what makes you happiest? Be the Change (for people and animals!) I am happy when I can do what makes me happy, full of dedication. And that my heart may follow and be surrounded with like-minded people. 
  1. What is your passion and how do you keep your motivation high every day? Courage is the willingness if you find it very exciting to do it! Crisis in Chinese means threat and opportunity. That's how I try to deal with Corona: re-think. Think about how I can turn the problem into a chance. And then I will actually do it. I dare to make mistakes and allow myself to do so.
  1. What was your last Naked Truth win and can you tell us a bit more about your approach? My latest victory was that I gave a major interview in the local newspaper last month from my role as Project Leader Culture & Society, together with the theater director. In the interview I share my passion for the theater. I explained what I have developed for the theater since February and what plans I am currently working on. It was quite exciting. The theater has undergone a reorganization, with many lay-offs this summer. But the fact that I still dared to convey my vision and message in the newspaper felt afterwards very powerful, like real Annerieke. I was reminded of the quote that regularly gives me strength: when in doubt, do it!

  1. What do you prefer to spend your time on in your spare time? Walking with the dogs, yoga, traveling with my husband, quality time with friends or my mother, arthouse films, culture, a nice book. 
  1. How does CHA make you feel and what is your favorite article? CHA: be yourself, there are already enough others! CHA gives me a pure and honest feeling. The feeling of: I am who I am.
  1. What are your core values ​​in work, love, friendships & lifestyle? Compassion, caring, humble, trustworthy, giving and feeling. 
  1. What is your top 3 bucket list and which one would you do first? I am currently quite satisfied and have to think about a bucket list really carefully. Since 2018 I have been experiencing a change process and as a result I am getting closer to myself and I feel very good about it. Corona has reinforced this feeling even more. As a result, I cannot actually come up with a real bucket list, because what I think is important at the moment, I am fully committed to it or I already have it. I do not procrastinate, but take things up actively. When I really want something I always find a way and I believe that if you don't really want something, you always find an excuse not to do it. One modest wish I have is:

- A private large shelter / farm / old mansion with a piece of fenced land for international street dogs. Somewhere in southern Spain or Tuscany, for example.

  1. What were the turning points in your life and have you decided to walk a different path? During my sabbatical with my husband Rien in Spain (tour) and La Gomera, February and March 2018. During these months I found out that I really had to change something in my life to become happy again. I then started to help Soi Dog Foundation ( in Thailand from the Netherlands. That gave me a lot of energy.

Since 1st of February 2020 I will have the job of my dreams, in which I can really be Annerieke. After 6 weeks there was suddenly Corona on March 12. The theater was locked and I was at home. But I kept going because I have a tremendous focus. Now we are in the second Corona wave and I am still going strong, applying for a large national subsidy and working out plans.

  1. What's your favorite CHA look? I have 5 pairs now. My favorite article are the boots with buckles. The Risky Boots. I like to wear them with jeans and a cool blouse (photo frontdoor) with a leather jacket or a dress with stockings. You can style CHA in all directions.