Meet CHA Customer Mira


Our customers are inspiring, independent, powerful and completely themselves. We love getting to know our CHA women and this time we interviewed Mira, Marketing expert & mother of 2. What a power woman. In balance and in the now. We really love sharing this interview with you. Enjoy the read! 

1. What describes you in 3 words and what makes you happiest?
Warm, energetic and cheerful. Many things make me happy. Espescially during lockdown I can become very happy from a nice conversation on the beach during a walk under a soaking sun. 

2. What is your passion and how do you keep your motivation high every day?
I have several passions but one of my passions is to connect with loved ones. I want everything and everyone to be in balance so that everything is good for everyone around me. That makes me very happy. The motivation for this is gratitude and enthusiasm.

3. What was your last Naked Truth victory and can you tell us a bit more about your approach?
Living in the now, feeling and reflecting on what you are doing now and not what you are about to do. My father quoted a prophet at my wedding. I often think back to that and it is a very important lesson for me. He pointed out to us that we live here and now and should enjoy all the beauty around us and not be too busy with what is to come. Below the essence of his lesson.
If you sit then you are already standing.
If you are standing, you are already walking.
When you walk, you are already cooking.
When you cook, you already eat.
And when you eat, you are already done.

4. What do you prefer to spend your time on in your spare time?
Relaxing on the beach, the dunes or in the forest. Or chatting for hours in the garden and making plans with friends or family. Playing the piano with my daughter or playing checkers with my son. Enjoy the delicious cooking of my husband. And just be! Nothing is necessary.

5. How does CHA make you feel and what is your favorite article?
The Boots are great! They are warm and charming. I prefer to walk on them every day and give me a feeling of relaxation. CHA uses animal-friendly products and I agree with CHA's values ​​completely. 

6. What are your core values ​​in work, love, friendships & lifestyle?
Connection is the key word that suits me in all areas.

7. What is your top 3 bucket list and which one would you do first?
1. Cuddling with my parents
2. To our favorite vacation spot in Portugal with my family (parents and sister and family)

8. What were the turning points in your life and have you decided to walk a different path?
I dont have a path. I am in balance and have not had a turning point.

9. How do you prefer to style your CHAs? We are curious! 😊
Since they are quite robust, I like to wear tight pants on top. Then they stand out and shine bright. CHA's look good with jeans, but also with colored leggings. My favorite Tibet Boots are a style statement and always complete your look. I often a matching nice black bag so that black is reflected in my overall look.